Who owns you and your data?

3 first steps to owning and controlling your data

1) Create your MeFileTM

2) Enter the market

Open for business. Put your data to work with MeFile-friendly platforms like Sponster™. Give marketers a better way to reach you that does not involve tracking and stealing your data.

3) Beat the competition

Keep your MeFile as the one true you, and make sure the online trackers/spies have only a knock-off version. Drive them out of business with a better product. (We will help.)

Privacy is not dead. Long live privacy!

Our Privacy Policy in a Nutshell

Your data is yours.

We don’t track you.


We don’t sell or share your data.


You are in charge.




(If you’re interested, here’s the legalese version.)
The consumer-owned data revolution is here!

Revelations about the Revolution

Consumer-owned, first-party data changes everything. It requires a new way of thinking about consumer profile data and the relationship between consumers and marketers.

Privacy is not dead.

Privacy’s death has been greatly exaggerated. Privacy is an essential requirement of the consumer-controlled marketplace. It will survive because consumers can now save it.

Consumers are in control.

Consumers always end up in control. Models that ignore this fact are destined to fail. Consumer-owned data is the inevitable and permanent solution to online data & marketing.

Third-party data sucks.

Besides being creepy and a threat to consumer privacy, third-party data is extremely low-quality, resulting in consumer annoyance, advertising waste & inefficiency, and flat-out fraud.

Data is not the real product anyway.

No one in the Gold Rush got rich except the pickaxe salesmen. Likewise, your data is not the end product marketers are after, but instead a tool to get to the real gold - usually targeted attention.

Tech is not the solution.

Increased tracking and fancy algorithms (ie. machine learning, AI) will not fix the current mess. GIGO is law. The end solution is more economic science than computer science.

The market will solve this.

We don’t need to rely on the government or the goodwill of adtech titans. Basic economics and a consumer-controlled marketplace can fix online data and advertising just fine.

So you own your data. What's next?

Keep your data. Sell your attention.

With your MeFile in place, you can now put your data to work under your control. Activate your Sponster account and offer your attention to relevant advertisers - for a price. They are already buying your attention every day; now they can buy it from you.

Privacy & control

Sponster is the only advertising and sponsorship platform that is 100% MeFile-friendly.

Ads that don't suck

No more annoying, irrelevant ads that waste your time. Every ad is a perfectly matched fit.

Revenue for you

Advertisers buy your attention from you. Take the money and spend it how you like.