Who owns you and your data?

Corner the market on youTM in 3 easy steps.

Create your product

1) Create your product

Start your FREE MeFile™ account and securely deposit data that represents you and your interests. Nothing creepy. You determine what goes in, and what stays out. You own you - 100%.

Foil your competition

2) Kill your competition

Third-party data trackers and spies are now your competition. Make sure your MeFile is the best version of you on the market. Fill it with good data, while polluting the knock-offs with junk.

Win the marketplace

3) Win the marketplace

Put your MeFile to work at MeFile-friendly sites, apps, and systems like Sponster™. Give marketers a better way to reach you, and they won't need the third-parties anymore.

So you have a MeFile. What next?

Put it to work in MeFile-friendly partner sites, apps, and systems...

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MeFiles Served

Some nice things they say:

I loves me some YouData. Where have you been all my life?

This is the future of data ownership, privacy, and advertising all rolled up into one.

Cool! Makes so much sense!